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Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions constitute the legal basis for the rendering of Services by BLS International Services Ltd.

The Terms & Conditions govern the Applicant’s use of the Services and are acknowledged as having been read, understood and agreed without any limitation or qualification by the Applicant through submission of his / her complete physical applications including full payments to the BLS Application Centre. This will also form a part of the Applicant contract with BLS International Services Ltd.

The website contains the required information in connection with the Services. The said website will be updated as per the instructions of The Embassy of Spain in the United Arab Emirates and will change from time to time.

Except where covered under BLS Refund Policy below, all BLS fees are non - refundable and will be retained by BLS on payment by the Applicant even if the Applicant does not make or proceed with the application and whether or not the visa is granted.

No employee of BLS has any authority whatsoever to change, amend, amplify or withdraw any or all of these Terms and Conditions without prior written approval from BLS.

These Terms and Conditions also contain a disclaimer which limits BLS liability to the Refund Policy stated below.

General Obligations
It shall be solely the Applicant's responsibility / obligation to provide BLS with all required duly signed Government forms, letters, and documentation as per the checklist of the relevant service type and category. Checklists are not exhaustive. The Embassy of Spain in the UAE may ask for additional documents and payments as stated in BLS website. Fees, rules and documents are subject to change without any prior notice. Please further note that acceptance of the application by BLS does not guarantee that such Applicants’ information and supporting documents as provided are deemed sufficient.

Applicant must submit / send photocopies of the supporting documents (not originals) unless originals are requested.

Whilst BLS uses reasonable care to check Applicant’s application form for obvious errors on the face of the form, BLS does not guarantee to detect errors within Applicant’s form and BLS does not undertake to verify any information that the Applicant provides, which the Applicant is solely responsible to ensure for accuracy.

It is also the responsibility / liability of the Applicant to carefully check all the information on the Visa such as but not limited to the name, spellings, passport number, etc.

Changes to Procedures and Fees
Please note that the fees / charges provided will be valid and applicable on the day that they are quoted and provided by BLS.

BLS does not accept responsibility for any changes in procedures, rules, documents or fees and reserves the right to pass on any increased fees to the Applicant. If the Applicant decides to make the application on a later date, and / or if the application is in transit, the fees / charges may change.

Granting / Rejection of Services
The decision making of an application rests solely with the Embassy of Spain in the UAE. The Embassy of Spain in the UAE reserves the right to grant / deny - a visa without assigning reasons and the decision Embassy of Spain in the UAE is final and binding upon the applicant.

Time Limit for Processing
The processing time mentioned for application/s are average processing time estimates only. The processing of an application including the processing time is subject to the procedures and experience of the concerned Mission over which BLS HAS NO CONTROL. It is subject to change on a case to case basis.

Communication Policy
BLS normally communicates with the Applicant through the modes of ‘Track and Trace’ and / or email and / or by SMS (if opted for).

The communication will be sent to the email ID provided. The email and mobile provided on the visa application form must belong to the applicant and must be contactable in case of any further communication. BLS bears no responsibility / liability if the Applicant or the third-party Agent does not respond to the ‘Track and Trace’ / email / and / or any other communication of BLS. BLS will not be responsible if there is no communication / miscommunication / delay in communication by the Agent to the Applicant or vice versa. The responsibility of BLS ends the moment it has made such communication to the Applicant or Agent.

Refund Policy
BLS takes every reasonable precaution while handling an Applicant's passport & documents and if due to any breach of contract or negligence on the part of BLS, the Applicant's submitted passport or documents are lost or damaged beyond a usable condition within the premises of BLS, then BLS will pay to the Applicant the amount of the fees charged for the replacement of the lost or damaged passport or other documents through their normal replacement procedure and BLS will assist the applicant with the same within its capacity. Such payments will be made by BLS to the Applicant on the presentation of the payment receipts issued for the replacement of such lost or damaged passport or documents.

This does not include any lost or damaged passport or documents by the Shipping Service Provider. The Terms & Conditions of the Shipping Provider will apply irrespective, if the shipment has been bought by the applicant through BLS or if a prepaid label is bought directly from the Shipping Service Provider by the Applicant.

Revocation / Cancellation Policy
Subject to the following paragraph, if the Applicant submits an application at the BLS Visa Application Centers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the Applicant may revoke / cancel the application at any time before the application is submitted by BLS to The Embassy of Spain in the UAE. However, once an application is accepted by BLS, only the Embassy visa fees will be refunded to the Applicant. BLS will retain its service fees and Value-Added Services (if applicable).

The Applicant’s right above is the only revocation / cancellation right the Applicant shall have. Once the Applicant has submitted the application to BLS, the Applicant will be taken to have agreed that BLS may immediately commence processing the application and providing any services and as a result, the Applicant shall not have any right to revoke / cancel.

Pending Additional Documentation
After submission of documentation by BLS to Embassy of Spain in the UAE, the latter has the right to request for further documentation, supporting documents, correct and missing information on a case to case basis. BLS will put ‘On Hold’ the processing of such application and send a communication with details about such additional information / documents. The Applicant is required to provide all the necessary information / documents to BLS within 10 working days from the date such communication is sent by BLS.

Promotional Material
Promotional material may follow the relevant documents such as but not limited to passports or other documents at the time they are returned to the Applicant. If the Applicant does not wish to receive this Material, the Applicant must intimate BLS in advance at the time of submitting the documents. Please note that neither BLS nor The Embassy of Spain in the UAE endorse such promotional material.

Exclusion of Liability
BLS bears no responsibility / liability for costs incurred by the Applicant in anticipation of an application to be finalized by the concerned Mission. These costs may include but are not limited to air tickets or any other transport cost, accommodation, and / or any other costs.

BLS is not responsible / liable for loss or damage which occurs due to any event or incident which happens outside BLS’s control and which is not attributable to any act or omission by BLS.

BLS will not be held responsible / liable for any loss or damage, delays caused by Mission, processing an application incorrectly, attachment of wrong photographs, duration and type of visa (single / multiple entry), incorrect details mentioned on them inter alia due to incomplete application forms, incorrect or false information on application form and inaccurate and incomplete information and supporting documents provided by the Applicant.

BLS is not responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, punitive incidental, special, consequential losses & damages arising whatsoever out of the delay, misplacement, damage, non-delivery or loss of passports, documents or money.

BLS is not liable / responsible for the wrong address / contact details mentioned by the Applicant in his / her application / documents and / or label including prepaid courier.

BLS is not liable / responsible to the Applicant and / or the third-party Agents if they do not follow the Communication Policy mentioned herein above.

In case of a lost / misplaced / stolen passport within BLS premises, the liability of BLS is limited to the actual cost of re-issuance of passport. Further no other costs of air tickets, transport, accommodation stay or any other costs shall be paid / refunded.

Shipment Delivery
BLS always uses the services of shipment service companies for the purpose of transmission of passports and documents. Their respective terms & conditions shall apply in addition to these Terms & Conditions. BLS will not be responsible / liable for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential, caused due to transmission delays or loss or damages of passport or documents, delivering the documents to the wrong address in the course of transmission of documents by BLS to the Applicant.

This applies also in the course of transmission of documents between BLS Spain Visa Application in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and Embassy of Spain in the UAE. BLS would however, make best attempts to trace the Applicants’ documents or assist the Applicant in obtaining alternative / certified copies of the lost documents.

Should the Applicant decide to avail the return courier facility from BLS, the documents will be returned only to the registered present address or permanent address as specified in the shipment order.

In case of a change of address for the return courier, BLS will be unable to assist with this change request and does not take any liability / responsibility for such claims that may arise.

Scope of Terms & Conditions
These Terms & Conditions have to be read in conjunction with the Disclaimer, relevant Document Checklist and Forms.

The Agent / Applicants agree to allow BLS at its sole discretion to use any of their, comments, reviews related to BLS Services made available in the public domain and / or through private communication such as emails, letters etc. and distribute such contents in any of their documents, any promotional materials, websites and any type of media.

BLS reserves its absolute rights to alter these Terms and Conditions and / or any other documents any time without advance notice and without offering any reason.

As to the interpretation of the foregoing, the decision of BLS shall be final and binding upon the Applicant.

Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of United Arab Emirates.

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